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There is a damaging shortage of teachers. The world will need to recruit almost twenty-six million teachers by 2030. The first reflex is to hire new teachers, but we only have 13 years. So we are going to rush and rushing leads to quantity over quality.

Moreover, hiring new teachers does not address the lack of practical skills. So what can we do about it? Well, we already have working professionals. Let’s use them.


Mentorgym is a platform for mentorship. It’s all about bringing together professionals and job seekers, as mentors and mentees cultivating knowledge transfer.

How are we doing it

Of course, by transforming these open datasets into insights! When you are mentee searching for a mentor, you will get information about what is recommended to you. Also, you will easily know what is in demand, in your local area.

How it works

For example we have list of welding mentors, when I am looking at this list, someone caught my attention. Martin, is a mentor concerned about animal rights and the environment, this is the perfect match for me! I am going to check him out! Okay, I don’t really know if I want to do welding, I am going to meet him first, and then maybe apply.


With mentorgym, we help local governments to reduce unemployment and gain insights on the state of the job market by generating and opening app usage data.

We also give private sector access to workers with proven and certified experience. Last but not least, we create a corporate culture of knowledge sharing.

We also contribute to sustainability and development. Quality education is our core focus, but our solution also promotes gender equality by putting emphasis on need and skills, not applicant profile. We also help job seekers acquire knowledge certified by mentors and develop creativity to excel in their professional career.

Tool Type

Is this a Government Tool, a Citizen Tool, a Collaboration Tool?

Core Team

Who are the core team members, their roles, and contact information (i.e. Github profile)?

  • Ryan
  • Nathi
  • Jelena
  • Željana
  • Martin

Primary Stakeholders

Who are the primary stakeholders in this project? Who is invested in it's success?

Primary User Stories

What needs does this project address, for each stakeholder

Goals and Outcomes

What are the desired outcomes and how will you measure them this project? A summary may also be added

Resources Needed

Data we have:

Data we need:

  • A list of schools with information on cost and gender balance
  • A list of careers with employment rate and average salary
  • A list of new companies (entrepreneurship) with high-level information (is it succeeding? is it making money? is there a lot of demand for it?)
  • Data on values of civic engagement, social responsibility, and volunteerism
  • Number of students enrolled per faculty programs (e.g Engineering, Agriculture studies..)
  • How many students in extra-curricular activities.
  • How many students are taking non-mandatory "classes."
  • Company register (API interface needed)
  • List of courses that promote sustainable development, human rights, gender equality and the proportion of those courses among total.
  • Data on participation of students that are members of local NGOs that promote sustainable development and human rights Contact information of professionals/mentors with hard skills (welders, plumbers, carpenters..) who are interested in having mentees.
  • Location of their workshops / place of business.
  • Whatever data we need from students/mentees to match them with mentors.
  • Teacher profile (location, years of experience, competency levels?)
  • Teaching material / Training centers (Open Education? Wikipedia?)
  • Teacher reviews
  • Number of unemployed teachers.
  • Schools that are lacking teachers.
  • Which schools have better teachers (how is that measured?)
  • Post-diploma employment rate

Potential Blockers

What are the possible problems, issues, and blockers


An approximate timeline for each phase of the project

History and Context

A longer form description of the background of the problem space can go here


Any references, data sources, articles, additional documents, etc.

Slides: MentorGym by DataGym - Pitch

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