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Problem: Croatian playing field

  • Youth Unemployment: 43%
  • culture, mobility?
  • opportunities outside Zagreb
  • perceived lack of skills

Solution: Job Platform

  • Employment Web Portal
  • user sets of preferences (social networks/user defined)
  • prescreened & hand picked jobs
  • targeted opportunities

How it works

  • user searches for a job
  • selects a job that interests them
  • job details are displayed with map overlaid with data based on user preferences
  • user can make a better informed decision about the job

Primary monetization

  • finders fee (jobs, rentals)
  • often 100x more than standard advertising
  • affiliate contracts

Secondary monetization

  • consulting fees
  • payment based on visibility on map, logo visibility, additional info
  • selling anonymized data
  • company logos on our marketing material


  • cheap & simple
  • student representatives
  • employer coordinators
  • social media


  • high ROI
  • differentiation
  • low cost structure
  • multiple streams of income
  • backup strategies in case some stream fails

Youth Croatia Jobs Your best return on investment!

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Prezi: ODYC WEL Prezi: Youth Croatia Jobs

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Team members: Tonći Talaja, Dorotea Ležaić, Dominik Poljak, Jordanne Monseau, Katarina Diklić, Braydie Grove

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