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What do we do

We offer a solution/platform which easily and instantly provides an answer on suitability of a particular location for solar panels installation. In addition, we provide a connectivity platform for solar panels installment companies and young people without a job; offering them cooperation with eventually reaching mutual benefits. Our aim is to help community become prosperous and sustainable.

How it works

The platform itself is user friendly and intuitive. As a first step on the platform, visitor states his…

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LoBI (Local Business Initiative) is an online platform where citizens can support their local community. By financially supporting local projects initiated by individuals or NGOs, donators get, as a reward, discount coupons to spend on local products. As such, LoBI stands as a local network for businesses and a donation platform for citizens, thus consolidating bonds within the local community.

Tool Type

Is this a Government Tool, a Citizen Tool, a Collaboration Tool?

Core Team

*Who are the core team members, their roles,…

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MINE Commenting


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MINE app provides all information about public goods on local level. It enhance awareness about tax fluency and as final product – all utilities which are in public ownership. MINE is giving to citizens the opportunity to take a new role in the governance of their city. App provides tools for users to be able to vote, rate or give any kind of feedback about an ideas or facilities in their surroundings, as well as giving chance to local government to collect statistical data and real time feedback from the field. We are presenting you a potential…

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There is a damaging shortage of teachers. The world will need to recruit almost twenty-six million teachers by 2030. The first reflex is to hire new teachers, but we only have 13 years. So we are going to rush and rushing leads to quantity over quality.

Moreover, hiring new teachers does not address the lack of practical skills. So what can we do about it? Well, we already have working professionals. Let’s use them.


Mentorgym is a platform for mentorship. It’s all about bringing together professionals…

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Open Youth Academy 2016 Maintaining

Using Data for Sustainable Local Development

28​th August to 3​rd ​September 2016

Open Youth Academy is a youth summer education program organised by a civil society organisation Code for Croatia and the Information Commissioner and focusing on use and reuse of public sector information. Following a successful summer camp in 2015 http://odbc.codeforcroatia.org this year the focus will be on local government data, sustainable development goals and joint projects in the region.

Building on the successful practice of the Republic of Croatia in the field of transparency, open…

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