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Miroslav CodeAcross & OpenDataDay 2016 Buzz

How can local and federal governments contribute to the digital transformation, citizen engagement and information transparency?

Some of these questions were in focus last weekend (4.-6. of March), when CodeAcross and OpenDataDay events were held in Zagreb. Events included different panels focusing on information science curriculums and the importance of open data for governments and communities. Weekend hackaton that followed panel discussions motivated projects focused on public education infrastructure such as public schools geocoding project. Another related project was connecting and comparing available study programs and corresponding student quotas with available jobs currently listed in National Employment Bureau.

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Lana Mladi entuzijasti na trećem po redu CodeAcross & OpenDataDayu u Zagrebu

Skupina mladih okupila se na trećem po redu CodeAcross & OpenDataDayu na kojem su sudionici iz Bosne i Hercegovine, Srbije i Hrvatske kroz tri su dana radili na inovativnim rješenjima za open source projekte pritom se oslanjajući na podatke iz otvorenih izvora.

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