C4Ads: Properties throughout Croatia owned by public officials

Overview: The goal of this challenge will be to identify properties throughout Croatia owned by public officials. To do this, we will use lists of Croatian and foreign PEPs to search across data collected from Croatia’s property registry.

C4ADS has provided PEP lists from Croatia, Hungary, and Russia. Participants can use these lists to programmatically search and identify name matches or name similarities. We suggest that participants develop a method of fuzzy matching (Levenshtein distance) in order to account for unknown variations.

For the Croatian public officials, participants may attempt to compare real estate records to official asset declarations records to identify any assets that public officials did not declare.

Data provided:

Outcome: Develop a method for fuzzing searching a list of names against the Owners Details CSV file. Create a dataset of possible matches and the details of those properties.

Bonus: In the case of Croatian PEPs, identify any discrepancies between declared data and data found in real estate database

Here’s the presentation for those who would like to know more about the challenge and what C4Ads are doing. Near the end, after Lana asked him, James provided more information about the data they give here for the hackathon challenge.
If you want to work with James to identify properties throughout Croatia owned by public officials, now is the time to join by leaving your reply to this post. James will take it from there.

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Hi everyone! I’m Maria, one of the leaders of this challenge. Like Melisa said, please post here if you would like to join our challenge and our team will reach out to you.

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Posting some of the sample results for croatian politicians here and hungarian politicians here. I will update with complete results and our code soon!


Full results are now available for Croatia here and Hungary here.

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