How strong is your right to know? Tuesday 14 Dec - 16:00 h CET

Measurement of access to information in practice & The Right to Know Declaration

Date/Time: Tuesday 14 December at 16:00 hrs CET / 10:00 hrs EST

Facilitators: Access Info Europe as part of the 2021 OGP Global Summit

Format: Open, round-table discussion with interaction from all attendees.

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes

Zoom link: Launch Meeting - Zoom

Moderator: Helen Darbishire – Access Info Europe


» Emma Cantera – OECD
» Marius Lukosiunas – UNESCO
» Toby Mendel – Centre for Law and Democracy
» Silvana Fumega – ILDA / Global Data Barometer
» Gilbert Sendugwa – African Freedom of Information Centre
» Rachel Hanna – Access Info Europe


One way to measure the extent to which states are respecting the right of access to information is to assess the strength of the legal framework, as is done by the RTI Rating run by Access Info and the Centre for Law and Democracy.

Yet, one is a good law on paper, another is having that law well implemented in practice. So, what does it mean to have a properly-implemented right of access to information, and how can this be measured objectively?

There are currently a series of monitoring initiatives underway, including those by UNESCO as custodian of SDG indicator 16.10.2 on access to information, by the OECD, by the Latin American region Transparency and Access to Information Network (RTA), and by the Global Data Barometer which is evaluating open data and proactive publication.

This webinar will gather experts to discuss effective implementation and measurement of access to information in practice. In addition, the community led Right to Know Declaration will be launched.


» Introduction of the speakers
» Purpose of this webinar

Measuring effective implementation
» How do we capture comparative evidence measuring the implementation of the right of access to information in practice?
» What factors or evidence show that an access to information law is working effectively?

Measuring impact and progress
» What evidence demonstrates the impact that an access to information law has in strengthening accountability of public officials, combatting corruption, increasing participation in and legitimacy of decision making?

Furthering implementation
» How can we use new comparative evidence to further implementation?

Launch of The Right to Know Declaration
» How can this Declaration guide governments in the proper implementation of access to information?

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