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Effective Activism Fellowship 2015/2016

The Effective Activism Fellowship Program (EAFP) started in 2014 within the broader framework of the Effective Activism project, within which we identified new forms of activism and emerging groups across Europe as potential allies in supporting the transformation of European democracy.

The Effective Activism Fellowship Program is a result of our thinking around how to support individuals and grassroots activists, who do important work in their countries but are not part of existing civil society organizations or any other institution through which we could support their efforts. Funding opportunities for these activists are severely limited. Sooner or later they face pressure to either join established NGOs, which could bring additional limitations to their work (dependence on international funding, elitist image, inability to shape majority public opinion and lack of grassroots outreach), public administration, corporations or they simply burn out. The Effective Activism Fellowship Program specifically targets activists that have a proven record of extensive activist experience in increasing civic participation in politics, community organizing, critical thinking and progressive social change through various forms of cultural expressions, reaching wider constituencies, inclusion of marginalized communities, developing policy ideas to tackle systematic inequality and promoting open society values in the face of ultraconservatism, nationalism and populism. Possible candidates for this fellowship are grassroots activists with strong advocacy experience, experienced community organizers, public intellectuals or independent experts in various fields, investigative journalists and other inspiring individuals.

The Effective Activism Fellowship Program was designed to support the work of experienced activists by providing financial support and thus opening time and space for them to further develop their work, as well as to provide opportunities for them to share their ideas with a network of peers.

‘I believe that what makes an ideal fellow fitting to the program is his or her highly individual, authentic way of getting around the subjects of public interest’ (Effective Activism Fellow, Slovakia)

‘On a personal level, I have learned how to be more productive in multitasking environment, how to delegate and how to use volunteer help - otherwise it’s a one-man show with limited results. Personal productivity is the key for success of every activist who has limited time for this in order to keep the work-life balance’ (Effective Activism Fellow, Bulgaria)

The Fellowship Program in 2015 will offer the following to potential candidates:

  • financial support (as this is a full-time fellowship we provide financial support for one year which includes costs of living and a small travel budget)

  • networking opportunities (major part of this fellowships is creating links between activists, but also with different OSF programs and offices, as well as with OSF grantees)

  • capacity building trainings (variety of possible trainings; from social media trainings to storytelling)

· visibility (possibility to amplify the work of our fellows)

Eligible countries for 2015: Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary

Profiles of the potential fellows: grassroots activists, dedicated to achieve social change in their countries, reaching wider constituencies, using novel, innovative methods, in line with open society values, committed to work in their communities/countries (fellows should remain in their countries for the duration of the fellowship), proven record of activist experience in their countries

Application process

In order to apply for the fellowship please send these 2 documents:

  • Biography/record of your activist experience (please provide a short biography which includes a list of your previous activities, initiatives or projects, that testify to your activist experience)

  • Project proposal (see the attached application form)

Fellowships should start in 2015 and should last 12 months in length. Applicants will receive confirmation that their application has been received and will be informed of the next steps by email. While OSIFE will endeavor to communicate its decisions as quickly as possible, please bear in mind that the process of review of the proposal, decision making and contracting can take two or three months. A Selection Committee will review the proposals and reach a consensus on the strongest applications. Three applicants will be selected for 2015.

Please note that all selected Fellows will be required to provide an interim and final report detailing their project’s outcomes, main achievements and what they would do differently. As an informative tool for OSIFE, individuals will be asked to provide a short summary of their experience and impressions about this initiative within the final report. Specific requirements will be further clarified at the moment of approval.

Deadline for applications is September 4th, 2015. Please send your proposals to

In case you have additional questions feel free to contact us at:


  • call: Box
  • application form Box

Stipendija State Departmenta za aktiviste

The U.S. Department of State is pleased to announce a special opportunity for emerging civil society leaders to participate in a 6-18 month professional fellowship in the United States.

All Fellows will be placed at a leading social change organization in the United States. Individuals in the nonprofit/NGO sectors with two or more years of experience, a college degree and English proficiency are encouraged to apply. This fellowship is sponsored by Atlas Corps, a U.S. network of non-governmental organizations. It has supported over 300 emerging leaders from nearly 70 different countries and seeks candidates to apply as soon as possible for their next class of Fellows.

To apply and to find out more information, please visit

Tech Innovation, Education, & Entrepreneurship Fellowship Program | Chicago Business and Citizen Diplomacy

An exchange program for Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, and Slovenia

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, the Professional Fellows Program (PFP) brings emerging tech innovation, entrepreneurship, and education leaders from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, and Slovenia to Chicago for short-term fellowships with leading tech-related companies in a variety of fields, government agencies and NGOs that promote innovation and entrepreneurship, and university and non-university technology incubators.

The overall goal of the program is for the PFP Fellows to gain insight into best practices in tech innovation, entrepreneurship, and education and how an effective urban tech innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem operates. PFP Fellows are competitively-selected tech leaders 25–40 years old, fluent in English.

WorldChicago has hosted 19 total fellows in Chicago in May and October of 2015 for four-week fellowships. Organizations that host PFP Fellows are eligible to nominate someone from their office to participate in a U.S. State Department-sponsored reciprocal exchange to Fellows’ countries.

All Fellows stay with Chicago-area homestay hosts during the program.

Next program: Spring 2016
Now accepting applications for the Spring 2016 program April 28–June 3, 2016. Applications due by December 1, 2015.

Apply here: WorldChicago Tech Fellowship Application Spring 2016

If interested in being a fellowship host please contact John Baum for more information: or 312.254.1800 x100.

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Apply Now for School of Data’s 2016 Fellowship

School of Data is inviting journalists, civil society advocates and anyone interested in pushing data literacy forward to apply for its 2016 Fellowship Programme, which will run from April to December 2016. Up to 10 positions are open, with an application deadline set on March 10, 2016.

Fellowships are nine-month placements with School of Data for data-literacy practitioners or enthusiasts. During this time, fellows work alongside School of Data to build an individual programme that will make use of both the collective experience of School of Data’s network to help fellow gain new skills, and the knowledge that fellows bring along with them, be it about a topic, a community or specific data literacy challenges.

As part of this fellowship, our shared aim will be to increase awareness of data literacy and build communities who together, can use data literacy skills to make the change they want to see in the world.

A thematic fellowship

In order to focus the training and learning experience the 2016 School of Data Fellows receive, the School of Data Fellowship Programme is taking a thematic approach. As a result, we will be prioritising candidates who: * possess experience in, and enthusiasm for, a specific area of data literacy training * can demonstrate links with an organisation practising in this defined area and/or links with an established network operating in the field

We are looking for engaged individuals who already have in-depth knowledge of a given sector and that they will have been reflecting on the data literacy challenges faced in the field. This will help fellows get off to a running start and achieve the most during their time with School of Data: nine months fly by!

Furthermore, we have already partnered with organisations willing to support fellows interested in working on the following themes: Data Journalism, Extractives Data and Responsible Data. These amazing partner organisations will provide fellows with guidance, mentorship and expertise in their respective domains.

9 months to make an impact

The Fellowship will run from April to December 2016, and it entails 10 days a month of fellows’ time to work both offline with their local community carrying out trainings, supporting them on data-driven projects, and meeting their data needs on a flexible basis, as well as online with the global network, sharing learning via online skill-shares, blog posts and contributing to our online learning materials. Fellows will receive a monthly stipend of $1,000 USD a month to cover for their work.

In May, the fellows will come together for an in-person Summer Camp (location to be decided) to meet their peers, share their skills, and learn about the School of Data way of training people on data skills.

Key Information

  • Available positions: up to 10 fellows, with 5 slots reserved for Data Journalism, Extractives Data and Responsible Data applications.
  • Application deadline: March 10, 2016, midnight GMT+0
  • Duration: From April 1st, 2016 to December 31st, 2016
  • Level of activity: 10 days per month
  • Stipend: $1000 USD per month

Key links

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