Što je OGP Open Renewal?

Last year, Open Government Partnership (OGP) launched Open Response + Open Recovery, a campaign to ensure the fundamental values of open government were embedded in actions to end the spread of COVID-19. In 2021, OGP is adding another R to our campaign: Open Renewal.

Open Renewal is about renewing the spirit, optimism and ambition that launched OGP 10 years ago. It’s about renewing the trust between government and the citizens it serves. It’s about thinking anew on how prevalent and persistent challenges can be solved.

And it’s about you. This year a record 100+ members are co-creating new action plans and many are implementing existing ones. Open Renewal is a rallying cry to inspire reformers in and outside of government to think big, to be ambitious and to develop new commitments to:

  • Advance transparency and accountability
  • Tackle systematic inequalities of income, gender and race
  • Address threats to democracy and civic space
  • Enhance public participation to reinvigorate democracy

Visit our updated campaign page to access resources including new policy guides, commitment examples, practical tips, blogs and more. And, share the news about Open Renewal via your social media and events and other communication.

To incentivize the new commitments and support the Open Renewal campaign, the Co-Chairs of OGP, the Republic of Korea and Maria Baron of Directorio Legislativo, have launched a global call-to-action, centered on their Co-Chair priority topics of civic space, anti-corruption, and digital governance and innovation, as ways to achieve our overarching objectives.

We also encourage you to start or join conversations on Open Renewal during Open Gov Week, in May and in your co-creation processes. As part of the campaign you can also add a commitment to existing ones. These commitments will be showcased on a rolling basis throughout the year through multimedia videos, social media, and creative campaign materials and at the OGP Global Summit in Seoul, Republic of Korea in December, 2021.

We hope that Open Renewal activities and resources will rally all to think big, to be bold, and to join us in showcasing the real potential of open government to transform lives and livelihoods.

Learn more about OGP’s actions in response to the pandemic and its multiple challenges in our 2020 annual report here.

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